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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Warlock by Michael Scott


Since the version I’ve read is on English version, and also for the sake of “to avoid making a spoiler”, I tried to write this review in English also. Here we go:

            In the fifth book, The Warlock, Michael Scott once again succeed in making his readers stuck on every single page of this novel. From the beginning to the ends, the pages is full of magical creatures, greatest figures in history—both real or just fictional, beast-like creature that once were scared on Earth, and also a civilization that believed to be existed on the past Danu Talis—or we call it Atlantis—on the Time Before Time.

            Abraham the Mage prophecy seems to meet its fulfillments when in The Necromancer, Josh was  on Dee’s side together with the Immortal Virginia Dare. Whereas, Sophie was on the Alchemist side—together with Penerelle, Prometheus and Niten (we may know him well as lord Miyamoto Musashi). Every story has its own end, and the separation between Gold and Silver seems to be the end of this The Mysterious of Nicholas Flammel  series.

            As a main theme, there seem to be three time line stories on this novel—although Abraham the Mage said that he and Chronos saw many time treads which were entangled each other, producing many possibility of future. Together with the Flammels and Prometheus, Sophie came back to her Aunt Agnes’ house, where she found another truth that Aunt Agnes was actually Tsagaglalal—or She Who See—the wife of Abraham the mage herself. It was her who always guarding and waiting for the twin as long as almost forever. It was her also who reunited the Elders; Ultor Mars, Prometheus, Hel, Odin and the Immortal Niten on her backyard. What a surprise really. Each of them have got a special message from Abraham to correct the wrong in  histories.

            Whereas Josh, together with Immortal Dee and Virginia Dare, were running away to Alcatraz, in where the Immortal Machiavelli and Billy the Kid would released the deathly Lotan to the city of San Francisco. Both group finally met, just to separated once again. Billy the Kid and Machiavelli finally felt that it was wrong to send the monstrous Lotan in San Francisco eating both flesh and auras of the living things. Before both Billy or Machiaveli could stop Dee, the two immortal were defeated by Virginia Dare’s elder flute. And the Lotan was on its way to the city.

            On the other time treads, the immortals Joan of Arc, Palamedes, Shakespeare , St. Germain as well as The Shadow, were sent back into the past time, 10.000 years before into Danu Talis—just before the great war broke. Here, they met another Elders such as Matreyu, Osiris, Isis, and Aten—the greatest rulers  of Danu Talis. In the fifth book also, readers finally could know who is Abraham the Mage, how he make the prophecies, and what was really happened in Danu Talis just before the island sunk down below the sea. Another spoiler that –just forgive me—I cant keep for my self in the fact that, as Abraham said himself, that the humani world as well as other Shadow Realm would never exist if Danu Talis have not sunk down to the sea.  There’s also a shocking truth awaiting Sophie and Josh when—together with Dee and Dare—gone back in time of ten thousand years ago. What is that? Just read yourself. You would also find who  is actually The Warlock? Clue: He was an oathbreaker.

Now the end is upon us and the twins
have vanished, gone back in time to the
Isle of Danu Talis, back ten thousand
years, back to where it all begins.…

PS: So sorry if I have written a spoiler, I just cant stand keeping this great story my self. So sorry 10.000 times! J